Paris, France – Book Collection Drive

UPDATE: Because of demand, this book collection drive has been extended through Monday, 27 January 2014. Thank you for your enthusiasm and generosity!

The Union of Overseas Voters (UOV) will be coordinating a drive to collect new and used books—particularly textbooks—throughout the greater Paris area for the 2014 Global MLK Day of Service. The books will then be shipped directly from France for distribution to libraries in African communities and schools with the assistance of the highly-rated U.S. charity Books for Africa.

What kind of books are needed?

  • Books in good condition, less than 15 years old, in French or English.
  • Encyclopedias less than 10 years old.
  • Law and medical textbooks are very much desired!
  • We cannot accept books that are extremely “western-centric” (for example, books about holidays that are only celebrated in the U.S. or Europe like the Fourth of July or Valentine’s Day, or books that include witchcraft and magic like the Harry Potter series).

Where does one donate books?

See our upcoming events calendar on this page for collection events. To donate  large quantities of books,  do contact us! We’ll be delighted to help you make arrangements.

Smaller quantities of books can be deposited at the following locations through Monday, 27 January 2014 (see the map). Please note that the deposit hours are somewhat irregular. We kindly request that you do not contact these locations directly if you have questions. Email the Union of Overseas Voters at, or phone us (toll-free) at 0805 696 408.

  1. Maison des associations, 4 rue des Arènes, 75005 Paris
    Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 1:30 to 7:30pm (NOTE: Tuesday 21 January, opening at 2pm)
    Thursday from 10am to 7:30pm
    Saturday from 10am to 4pm
  2. American Library in Paris, 10 rue du Général Camou, 75007 Paris
    Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 7pm
    Sunday from 1 to 7pm
  3. Sugar Daze Bake Shop, 20 rue Henry Monnier, 75009 Paris
    Tuesday 1:30 to 6:30pm
    Wednesday 12 to 7:30pm
    Thursday 12 to 6:30 pm
    Friday 12 to 7:30pm
    Saturday 12 to 7:30pm
    Sunday 12 to 6pm
  4. Carrefour des associations parisiennes, 181 avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris
    Monday from 10am to 6pm
    Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 10am to 7pm
    Friday from 2 to 7pm
    Saturday from 10am to 6pm
  5. Fondation des Etats Unis, 15 boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris
    Monday through Friday, 9 to 11am and 2 to 6pm
    For entry, ring “Reception”
  6. Karakitsoo, 16 rue Simart, 75018 Paris — Through Monday, 20 January only.
    Monday through Friday, 1 to 5pm
    For entry, call “Karakitsoo” on the intercom

Who are the organizers and beneficiaries?

Beneficiary: Books for Africa is the largest shipper of donated text and library books to the African continent, shipping over 28 million books to 49 different countries since 1988. Books for Africa, which is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is an apolitical, non-religious, 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. Its mission is to end the book famine in Africa.

Organizer: The Union of Overseas Voters is a nonpartisan, non-profit association, headquartered in Paris, France, and governed by U.S. citizens residing abroad. Its mission is to promote civil engagement among U.S. expatriates and support democracy advocates everywhere.


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