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The Martin Luther King Jr. Global Day of Service and are projects of the Union of Overseas Voters.


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Founding Chair, Union of Overseas Voters

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About the Union of Overseas Voters:
The Union of Overseas Voters is a nonpartisan, non-profit association headquartered and registered in Paris, France. Our mission includes defending the civil rights of United States citizens residing abroad; encouraging civic engagement and participation in U.S. elections among Americans overseas; and highlighting expatriate citizens’ contribution to the United States’ influence abroad. Although governed exclusively by U.S. citizens overseas, the Union supports democracy advocates and all those striving to strengthen democracy everywhere around the world. Membership in the Union is open to citizens of all nations.

French Business Number (SIRET): 538929357 00027.
French Non-Profit Registry Number (RNA): W 751211995.

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Data Privacy Declaration, French National Commission on Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL): 1715409 v0, dated 30 October 2013.


This website——is a citizen-driven project created and produced by the Union of Overseas Voters. Neither the Union of Overseas Voters nor the Global Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service initiative are affiliated with the Corporation for National and Community Service or any other government agency of the United States of America.

Similarly, the Union of Overseas Voters is not responsible for the accuracy of claims made by, or the policies of, other organizations participating in the Global Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, or the accuracy of the information they may have independently submitted for publication here.

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