Welcome! The Martin Luther King Jr. Global Day of Service is a project of the Union of Overseas Voters (UOV), launched in 2014.

Our goal is to promote the celebration of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service globally, particularly by mobilizing and engaging U.S. expatriates in citizen action and volunteer service.

We feel that the millions of United States citizens living, working and studying abroad can uniquely embody Dr. King’s vision in the world, through service in our international overseas communities and alongside our foreign neighbors.

We believe that the values that Dr. King defended, and for which he died—equality, justice, liberty, human dignity, civil rights, brotherhood, and community—are universal values shared by all freedom-loving people.

So we hope this initiative will help provide impetus for the official recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service by cities, states, and nations around the globe. We are convinced—like Dr. King—that everyone can be great, because everyone everywhere can serve.

No matter where you may be, regardless of your nationality, you can participate. Because, together, we all belong to Dr. King’s “beloved community.”

Volunteer for a Global MLK Day service event or organize your own.

Founding Chair, Union of Overseas Voters

Last modified: January 13, 2014 at 19:19