Why do we serve?

Approximately 6.3 million United States citizens live, work and study overseas. As expatriate Americans we can bring a unique vitality to Dr. King’s vision, across the globe, through service in our international overseas communities and alongside our foreign neighbors.

Our service revitalizes our ties with the United States and strengthens our role as goodwill ambassadors for the country. And it deepens our understanding of others and ourselves, as we build bridges with people around the world.

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Ending the book famine in Africa

UPDATE: Because of demand this book drive has been extended to Monday, 27 January. Keep the books coming!

The Union of Overseas Voters has launched a city-wide action in Paris, France, to collect books for the U.S. charity Books for Africa. The book collection will continue through Monday, 27 January. For book drop locations in the French capital and other information about this campaign, see this page.

Books for Africa

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